Growth of Small Businesses

Solis strongly believes that small businesses are essential to our free market and local economy. When small businesses are allowed to prosper, so does the community. That is why she is committed to helping and growing small businesses in Prince George’s County

HB 0853 Small, Minority, and Women—Owned Businesses Account

Alexis supports the enacted Small, Minority, and Women—Owned Businesses Account bill.  This bill, provides emergency assistance, in the form of grants, to small businesses, minority and women owned businesses.  It would provide access to capital in times of crises.

SB 496 Relief Act of 2021

Solis supports the Relief Act of 2021. This act provides direct stimulus payments and unemployment insurance grants to qualifying Marylanders, and grants and loans to qualifying small businesses.

Solis also supports programs leveling the playing field for small businesses, such as the Small Business Reserve Program and Small Business Preference Program.

Solis also supports more healthy food options, such as more farmers markets and affordable grocery stores in Prince George’s County. Prince George’s County is a food desert. It lacks affordable and nutritious food options, making it difficult for residents to buy healthy food. Thus, that is why Solis, as Delegate, will advocate for more supermarkets and vegetable shops in Prince George’s County.
Alexis Solis

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