Latisha Skinner

Campaign Manager
Brief Bio

Originally from Alexandria, VA, she grew up at the Northern limits of Olde Towne of a historic, predominantly African American community known by its inhabitants as “The Berg,” and graduated from TC Williams Senior High School.

2016 Honor Graduate Student from the University of Phoenix – Master’s Degree in Business Management with a focus in Project Management/Finance and Human Development. In 2018, she advanced her education by receiving certifications in Project Management and Lean Six Sigma. She is detail-oriented with six years of project management experience dedicated with excellent leadership and management.

Currently, I am a Project Manager – Project Controls. I have proven expertise in project management for: Planning and Executing Projects, Conflict Resolution / Problem Solving, Guiding the Team, Milestones and Dependencies, Risks, Quality, Communication, Human Resources, Team Building, Motivation / Leadership

I would describe myself as a highly positive, innovative, and entrepreneurial individual who thrives on consistently raising the standards of personal and professional excellence. Deeply committed to my family first, community engagement, and have a long history of bridging the gap from a crisis – such as abuse or homelessness. I pride myself on major social changes that have occurred in recent decades that altered the conditions under which families are raising young children and challenged the traditional service system’s capacity to support them effectively. My approaches more suited to the needs of contemporary families, with community engagement as a potential strategy for ensuring that services are more responsive.

My community engagement is understood as a process whereby people in a service system proactively seek out community values, concerns and aspirations and incorporate them into a decision-making process, establishing an ongoing partnership with the community to ensure that the community’s priorities and values continue to shape services and the service system.

In my free time, I continue to educate myself on what is new in the technology environment, volunteer at homeless shelters, and projects that give back to local communities.